Upgrading KD interferes profilesettings

  • Hi,
    I had this issue on multiple PC now, so I create a thread about it.

    Everytime, when upgrading an installation there seems to be an issue with the profile. I upgraded a KD latest stable to the latest prerelease (KD 2.1.7). After the upgrade, I changed the downloadbehavior from “open after download” to “ask on every download”.

    The settings were saved, but they didn’t work. Every download was still opened directly (=old profile settings).

    So I deleted the profile, deleted the Kopano Deskapp folder within the userprofile and made a completly new profile.

    Now it is working.

    Can nobody reproduce this?

  • Kopano

    @mcdaniels Do you remember the exact settings you had before?
    Tried to reproduce by updating with older settings. Worked without issues.

    You can also open the devtools with F12 to see if there are any javascript errors.

  • @bjoernneumann
    It happened when coming from 1.9.0 to 2.0.31 and also when coming from 1.9.0 to latest (2.1.7).

    The Setting concerning downloadbehavior was “open after download complete” --> altered to “Ask for every download”.
    After changing the KD still opens the attachment when download was complete, although it was set to “Ask for every download”.

    Will try “F12” on the next client if the problem occours again.


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