outlook crashes at archive mails

  • My understanding is Kopano no longer owns or has access to the Outlook client code, source or binary. So fixing although not impossible would certainly be difficult.

  • Kopano

    @deisenlord said in outlook crashes at archive mails:

    So fixing although not impossible would certainly be difficult

    That assumes that whatever needs fixing , needs to be fixed in the client. I know of customers running the archiver with stubs so I do not think there is a general issue with this.

  • Felix, your statement has made me the most upset and mad that I’ve been in years, many years. When we updated our systems and the kopano archiver would crash outlook, you gave up almost immediately and told us it couldn’t be fixed. Jan was on our systems building kopano when the plug was pulled. If you knew of customers running the archiver successfully with Outlook, YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD US. HOW DARE YOU. I did the following tests myself. Tested EVERY distribution you released other than our RedHat. Replaced Active Directory with OpenLDAP. And a thousand other things. YOU HAVE SO DISAPPOINTED ME.

  • Kopano

    I do not remember all details of this case, but if you have a problem, please take it up with our support. This is a community forum.

    @deisenlord said in outlook crashes at archive mails:

    Tested EVERY distribution you released other than our RedHat. Replaced Active Directory with OpenLDAP. And a thousand other things.

    I really do not think that this was done by instruction of our support.

  • I did take it up with support, way up. They said it could not be fixed, Jan was on my system when the plug was pulled and here the both of u refuse to man up and tell the OP it doesn’t work, isnt supported. You all need to get on the same page.

  • Kopano

    Well what certainly is true, is that nowadays one should use WebApp/Deskapp instead of Outlook.

  • Yes, indeed, and to be even clearer the reason for that is outlook/archiver no longer works.

  • @deisenlord said in outlook crashes at archive mails:

    both of u refuse to man up and tell the OP it doesn’t work, isnt supported.

    That’s a load of nonsense. Let’s get you on the same page: 1. Arguably there are some users for which it works, as @fb reported. 2. OP already knows his setup, for some reason, is not working at present; there is no need for us to tell him again what he already knows. 3. The debugging experience sucks, thanks to Outlook, or Windows in general, not being open source. Crashes can occur outside the context of zarafa6client, for example when a bad pointer from z6c is not immediately used, but kept for later, by outlook/mapi32.dll. Then the stack trace is totally useless. Because of that, investigating that path I consider not worth the time. 4. If zarafa6client works somewhere in some form, then switching the server side version ought not to change that situation. If it changed, that is something I would want to investigate.
    These opinions and goals are my own. Those may not be shared by others, giving rise to the terms “(totally) unsupported” and “best effort only”.

  • Jan, you were personally on my system trying to debug/investigate this and building the server and saw with your own eyes the problem. Kopano declined to fix this problem for us, even when I offered to pay Kopano to investigate it outside of our normal support. I am outraged that it apparently works for some clients as @fb reports. Does it really work with Kopano 8.X, it certainly works with Zarafa server, is @fb being totally forthcoming? Why did Kopano decline to continue to investigate this then if YOU are wanting to “investigate”.

  • Kopano

    Why should I not be forthcoming? I am sitting here on vacation answering questions in a community forum… at least the view is nice.

    Stubbing is the “default” mode of operation for the archiver and I think I do remember just a few weeks ago being in contact with a case where someone broke their stubbed messages and needed a fix for that, to to my knowledge they were working with Outlook.

    Like I said i do not remember all details. I usually just give advice and provide some assistance for support cases, I am rarely directly involved. As for why no one told you it does work on other systems I cannot say, but the circumstance that the issue needed to be investigated on your system is a good hint that the issue could not be reproduced in our test setups. Maybe Jan’s attention was needed elsewhere?

  • Felix I’m sorry you have to be dragged into this during your holiday. I was in the forum to investigate upcoming 8.7 transitions for php and python and innocently noticed an un-answered post that I was sure I could answer with 100% confidence. That Outlook does not work with the archiver as I had spent weeks on this issue with Kopano support 2 years ago and they told me with great firmness in a live webmeeting, that they could not fix the issue. Outlook crashing on stubs caused a ton of grief here at my company, it was not a fun time. I ending up writing my own replacement using your python API with Mark’s help. So imagine my surprise when you and Jan contradict me and say no, it should/probably/might/could/maybe work just fine and we aren’t aware of any general problems.

    I am completely and totally at a loss. I personally think Kopano is a fantastic product, best available hands down in your market. And I will says so when asked.
    But this, I really don’t understand, if you are correct in your beliefs I feel abused by Kopano support. I have a call tomorrow with Bob and
    I’m hoping to gain some insight into the twilight zone I find myself in.

    Enjoy your holiday.

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