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  • Hi,

    I followed the instructions on https://kopano.com/blog-de/short-introduction-kopano-konnect/?lang=de to install the docker version of connect but got following error through container installation:

    Status: Downloaded newer image for kopano/konnectd:latest
    docker: Error response from daemon: linux spec user: unable to find user kopano: no matching entries in passwd file.
    ERRO[0007] error getting events from daemon: context canceled

    where should i get the password for kopano user ?


  • Kopano

    Hi @externa1 ,

    its not about getting the password of that user. The command you executed probably was:

    docker run -it --rm=true --name=kopano-konnect \
    --read-only \
    --volume /etc/kopano:/etc/kopano:ro \
    --volume /etc/ssl/certs:/etc/ssl/certs:ro \
    --volume /etc/kopano/konnectd-tokens-signing-key.pem:/run/secrets/konnectd_signing_private_key:ro \
    --volume /etc/kopano/konnectd-encryption.key:/run/secrets/konnectd_encryption_secret:ro \
    --env KOPANO_SERVER_DEFAULT_URI=file:///run/kopano/server.sock \
    --volume /run/kopano:/run/kopano:rw \
    --publish \
    --user kopano:kopano \
    kopano/konnectd:latest \
    serve \
    --iss=https://$(hostname) \

    the --user kopano:kopano part means to run the resulting process/container in the context of the user and group kopano, so I guess you do not have a kopano user on the system where you ran that command.

    ps: on Univention there is a ready made Konnect app in the test appcenter. I would recommend to enable the test appcenter, install the app (and deactivate the test appcenter again). Instructions at https://wiki.univention.de/index.php/Testing#Using_the_Test_App_Center

  • @fbartels

    yes that was what i did - but kopano user must be there as kopano runs on this server too ?

    so i installed the app from test-appcenter on univention

    i tried to add nextcloud as an example from documentation - but i did not find /etc/kopano/konnectd.cfg file to add id:

    nextcloud # same id as before
    name: Nextcloud # self-defined value
    application_type: web

    where should i put this in ?


  • Kopano

    The file you seem to look for is called identifier-registration.yaml and it is stored in /etc/know.

    Ps: the more recent documentation is available at https://documentation.kopano.io/kopanocore_administrator_manual/configure_kc_components.html#configure-kopano-konnect

  • Kopano

    Update: there is now an official OpenID app in the Univention Appcenter https://www.univention.de/blog-de/2018/12/openid-connect-provider/

    This is based on Konnect, but also gives some more gui operations for configuration. The Kopano Konnect app from the appcenter will not be made public anymore.

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