Kopano Files

Hi everyone,

I got a problem with kopano files. I am using this with a ftp server. I can log in correct and i can upload files all is ok. I also see that the filesize is ok. But when i download the file again from kopano files the files are corrupt. All files are 0kb.

Has someone had this issue?


Ftp server version is 1.3.5e (centos 7)

Kopano version
kopano files version release 200.1


Yup exact same issue.

Hi @ckruijntjens,
does your problem only concern ftp-connections or other fileserver-types, too?
What are your settings for define('PLUGIN_FILES_CACHE_DIR', "... in config-files.php?
Your webserver has sufficient privileges for this folder?



the path is /var/lib/kopano-webapp/plugin_files

the rights are ok. also my ftp server is an other virtual machine. files are being trnafered ok. if i open the file true a samba share al is ok. if i download the file true the webapp application all files are 0kb when downloaded.

Anyone with the same problem? And or solution? Even if i change the file with rights 777 when downloaded 0kb