forward_whitelist_domains not working in dagent.conf

  • Re: Mail Forwarding with Kopano


    Has anyone figured this out yet? Whether I have forward_whitelist_domains = * commented out (i.e. #) or uncommented, I get this same error message in the dagent log. I restart the kopano dagent service after the change each time. The exact message in the dagent log is:

    Wed Nov 28 09:23:58 2018: [error  ] [ 9779] K-1900: Address "" had no '@', aborting forward because we could not possibly match it to a domain whitelist.
    Wed Nov 28 09:23:58 2018: [error  ] [ 9779] Rule Forward rasiTV: FORWARD Unable to create forward message: no access (80070005)

  • I use exim for all my domain resolution to a user mailbox which then dagent knows how ot deliver. seems like it’s seeing a null address ie “”
    try using strace on the dagent PID and strace what it’s doing or turn verbose logging on I guess?

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