Non active store for Rooms/Equipment

  • Good morning!
    I am using Kopano4UCS. I created non-active Stores to be used as resources. I read in the documention that one can define the resource e.g. as room or equipment, and even put a number on the avialable equipment. But I did not manage to find out where and how do I set this up … Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!

  • Kopano

    Hi @KaBi,

    this feature has not been implemented in the Univention UI. You would need to use an ldap browser and change these values directly in openldap.

  • I can create a Kopano non-active store two ways:

    1. I create an user in UCS and under the Kopano Tab I set it to non active store, or
    2. in UCS I go to Domain->Kopano non active stores and create it there
      With an ldap browser I see only the stores created by (1)
      Under Domain->Kopano non active stores I only see the Stores created from there.
      Thus, am I forced to create univention users for every room/equipment store?

  • Kopano

    the “stores” created in (2) are not stored with the users, but at a different location in the ldap tree.

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