Kopano4s - use of port 587, opendkim, amavis and others

  • I have enabled postfix port 587 for sending email, using saslauthd for integration with LDAP user accounts, and now disabled port 25 for any relay activity … but kopano_spooler uses port 25 for sending from ActiveSync accounts (which I can fortunately enable using localhost). Now this allows the Kopano4s container to be run on a non-“host” network as source IP is not used as a determining factor for relaying emails. I have also added opendkim, logwatch, clamav, amavis and a few others … but now keen to see if these can be folded into a release for all to use (and so I can make releases upgrades easier). Can you advise how best to go about this?

  • Kopano

    Hi @peterm888 ,

    there are not many users of this unofficial synology app here in the forum. Pinging @TosoBoso since he is the maintainer of this app.

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