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I have noticed that even if I sync only one month for instance… my iPhone it’s able to find mails from three years ago… so it seems to have a local copy of X days but it’s able to search in all content. When I try to use the Gmail APP in Android, it syncs too nice but later it’s not able to search in the whole content. Is it something related to the app?. How do you usually do in Android with stock apps?.

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As far as I understand when you sync for a month, that’s the amount of emails that will be physically available offline on your phone.

When you search, the search request will go back to the server for the entire population of emails on the server, i.e. beyond the month of your local storage.

That’s why on apps such as “Nine” at least on Android, you have the option to search “Local only” in which case it won’t be going back to the server.

This is at least how I understand it and I may be wrong.

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in addition to what mcostan said, on my android device there’s an option to search for older emails and then it will search on the server.


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That’s what it’s nice… the possibility of having last month (the device goes fast) but you later can search on the server all the emails. It seems Gmail APP in Android (the most common one I suppose) doesn’t allow to search on the server. Have tried too the stock email app coming in Android, and although it sais it’s searching on the server… it does not show results… when it should… so I assumed it was searching only the commented month… so this is pretty normal then and should work… isn’t it?

With the stock Android email apps?

@egoitzau said in Imap search Z-push:

. It seems Gmail APP in Android (the most common one I suppose) doesn’t allow to search on the server.

That works for me. There is a “looking glass” in the top right corner for this functionality.

Hi @fbartels

Thanks a lot for your answer. A looking glass?. Sorry can’t find it. I have seen the magnifying glass but as I have only (the default time) one week for syncing content… it seems not to search nothing else than synced…

Perhaps could this be the issue?

[WARN] [] /usr/share/z-push-cprop/lib/request/search.php:462 Invalid argument supplied for foreach() (2)

I’m running 2.4.5

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@egoitzau said in Imap search Z-push:

I have seen the magnifying glass

That is what I meant. Doing an image search for “looking glass” makes it seem I am not the only one misusing this word.

Oh sorry for my english Felix… was just for being sure of what I was talking about…

Do you perhaps have some config set in preferences or similar?. It just works for you out-of-the-box in your Gmail APP in Android?

Yes, works for me out of the box with Z-Push, the Gmail app and the Kopano backend.

Thanks a lot I’m running it against Combinedbackend so Imap backend… but don’t really know… seems no luck… in the iPhone works… but not in Gmail app

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did you check Z-Push logs if there are Search requests?


I have proposed a patch that at least improves searches… in another topic of this forum…