Z-push and push on mobiles

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I’m experimenting with Z-Push push tech. What does it require?. Does the IMAP server need to support some feature?. Do you need any apple license or Google license for sending push notifications?.

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Hi @egoitzau,
what exactly is your question? You can find lot’s of infos here:
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nope, no need currently have postfix with dovecot working with ZPUSH and NGINX

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I see I’ll read the url…

By the way killmasta93, could you know if idle or similar is needed in the imap server?.

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By the way AnotherAndy, have not seen the answer to my question in the provided url…


-> here you can see the different packages, for example z-push-backend-carddav or z-push-backend-imap
But you’re right - I also can’t find a list of supported servers :-(

@AnotherAndy yes but I was wondering which Push capabilities Z-push provides and if some special requirement was needed for that?..

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Hi egoitzau,

the IMAP backend is mostly a community contribution, so I don’t know all the exact details how it works.

The IMAP backend uses PHP’s imap_* functions to get data from the IMAP server. As far as I know it doesn’t require any special features of the IMAP server.

You could check the ChangesSink function in imap.php to get the idea how Z-Push gets new messages.


Thanks a lot Manfred