DeskApp 2.0 pre-final available

DeskApp 2.0 is synchronized to the pre-final directory today

  • In this release we support opening of EML files on your Desktop with DeskApp.
    This feature requires WebApp 3.4.22 and up.
  • We’ve also upgraded the backend to Chromium 69 and Node v10.11.0
  • Development builds are no longer available. The development console can be accessed in the normal builds via F12 (Windows + Linux) or Command + Option + i (Mac OS)

The complete changelog can be found here.

Updating can be done through the repositories, packages can be downloaded from the portal or from the download server. For community members nightly packages are available here.


but the printing bug still exists. Printing a mail gives only a empty preview page and empty paper.


you’ll have to update webapp to solve this WebApp 3.4.24 pre-final


Just testing at the moment. Nice, that the DeskApp now can open EMLs.
@externa1: Are you sure. Just speaking for me: The problem with the printing, was connected to a version of Deskapp. After reverting to 1.9.0 it worked again.


same here. No printing (blank page).


As mentioned that’s fixed in WebApp not DeskApp.

Read the announcement here:

@marty: ok thx, so we hope all runs well and we get Webapp 3.4.24 soon @the Repos :-) -->Final

@mcdaniels said in DeskApp 2.0 pre-final available:

@marty: ok thx, so we hope all runs well and we get Webapp 3.4.24 soon @the Repos :-) -->Final

If you’d be willing to test the pre-final and provide feedback, that would help us a lot in making that happen as soon as possible!

@bhuisman: not to be said 2 tmes to me… ;-) will test it @my homeinstallation. But there I haven’t got an AD connection / use db-users.


printing will not work, even with webapp 3.4.24:

 # rpm -qa | grep 3.4.24 | sort

DeskApp: kopano-deskapp-2.0.20-x64.msi



For me it’s working with that releases - did you reload wbserver after webapp update ?


Yes I reloaded apache2.

Now after about 30 minutes, printing works as expected.

@WalterHof : It is weekend, so let your server some time ;-)

Nice, that it is working now.