Is it possible to convert an existing DB to multi Tenant?

We have a kopano install with data in the form of db and external files and would like to create a multi tenant installation.
Is there a “how to” or existing procedure?
So far we loose access to existing users whilst creating the new “company”. Removal of the new company returns the users and data. Any pointers appreciated.

Which user plugin are you using?

Hi Felix

If I remember correctly, then what you are asking only works with the ldap backend.

Thanks Felix
I did find this in the documentation but could not work out if it helped
“Although multi-tenancy is already possible when using the DB plugin, we strongly suggest using an LDAP backend when planning to host multiple tenants within one installation.”
But we are converting not Planning so have data to migrate.

If a user is deleted (what happens when you switch from single tenant to multi tenant) then the store remains in the database (it becomes an orphan). So you just need to recreate your users and rehook the stores.

What we did try was switch to mutii tenant and automatically got orphaned stores and no users. So will try and then just add the users back and relink stores.
Might be a bit slow on a large site.