Version of "Kopano DeskApp" in use on Mac?

  • Hello together. I have a (hopefully) simple question.

    How can I find out which version of “Kopano Deskapp” is installed on a Mac?
    „Kopano Deskapp / About Kopano DeskApp“, where this information is supposed to be, is greyed out.


  • I don’t know Mac, but is there some kind of softwaremanager where you can see the programs?

    In Windows you can see the versionnumber there.

  • Launch DeskApp and in top line click on the DeskApp icon, here you see the version. Similar like Windows.

  • Thanks for your reply mcdaniels. There is a system report saying “Kopano DeskApp Version 64.0.3282.140”. But this looks like some internal revision number.

    Thanks for your reply WalterHof. I can launch DeskApp and I get a “Willkommen window” but no icon. I can log into the DeskApp but I can still not find the icon you mentioned. Can I upload a screenshot somewhere to show you how my top line look like?

  • 0_1542043340808_DescApp_Version_MAC.jpg

  • I did not recognise this icon on the right side of the screen. Thanks. This is the answer to the question.

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