multiple phone field

  • Hi there,
    there is a way to sync up to 7 phone numbers that we have in our custom backend for a contact ?

    Thank you

  • I am not sure in what context you say sync, is that in the context of z-push?

    I don’t think I have ever synchronised 7 but certainly in my mobile phone I can see more than one mobile phone number per person, if I set them.

  • Hi @mcostan ,
    on my database there are 7 phone number for a contact.
    I want to send this information to the contact into smartphone.
    Now we have a backend that manage 2 phone number like this:

    $message = new SyncContact();
    $message->firstname = $result['firstname'];
    $message->lastname = $result['lastname'];
    $message->mobilephonenumber = $result['mobile'];
    $message->radiophonenumber = $result['otherphone'];

    How to map others ?

  • ok I am sorry, it looks to me like a specific z-push backend. I only use the standard z-push Kopano backend so I don’t think I can help (not familiar with the z-push code).

  • Kopano

    Hi denisdal

    in lib/syncobjects/synccontact.php there are various variables containing “phonenumber” in their names. Check which of them are supported by mobile device and map them to your backend.


  • Thanks Manfred !

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