Sending mails to multiple recipients make Deskapp "crash"

  • Hi,
    I noticed the following behaviour, when using Deskapp and writing emails to multipe recipients:

    If you keep adding names (recipients) in the to field, by typing in the addresses, sometimes a popup appears, which tells that there are multipe addresses for one recipient. All suggested addresses are the same (I wonder where these mulitple addresses are coming from, because in the addressbook the address only appears one time).

    If you now click on one of the suggested addresses, the Deskapp suddenly runs in super slow motion, the popup with the addresses don’t disappear, the mainwindow goes white (as if the program is not reacting / freezing).

    A few seconds later, you see an information (right bottom) that the email was sent, but the Deskapp still is freezed.

    Kopano Core:

    Windows 10 Pro [Version 10.0.17134.167]

  • Kopano

    And which DeskApp version do you use :)

    Could you reproduce this all the time?

  • Hey,
    just saw that the Deskapp seems to be a nightly build? Version 1.9.5 (oh oh)

    No, it is not reproduceable all the time, which is not making it better…

    Sorry for the dumb question, but I think for production environment we should better use:

    Kopano DeskApp 1.9.0?

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