Incident: K-1571 error messages from kopano-server

Date Seen
30.05.2016, these error messages occur since Zarafa 7.2.3.

Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
Kopano 8.3.0-534
Apache 2.4.18
MySQL 5.7.16

Bug Description
kopano-server is filling the log file (syslog) with error messages. These messages occur for example on processing mails, starting the kopano-server service and so on.


Steps to Reproduce
Restart kopano-server and review the logs or just send or receive an email:

Actual Behavior
Log messages are generated with severity “error”.

Expected Behavior
No log messages are generated or if this is not an error the severity must not be “error”.

Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted
I searched for similar messages but was not able to get any information about what these messages are trying to tell me.

Filter these messages from syslog.

I just upgraded to Kopano Core 8.3.0-585 and this error is still present.


I just upgraded to Kopano Core 8.3.0-618 and this problem is still present.


I just upgraded to Kopano Core 8.3.0-694 and this problem is still present.


@darootler its an actual error, just not a fatal one. So suppressing the error will not make it go away ;-)

The code in question is located at

and seems originate from and


that’s correct and the reason why i submitted this thread. That’s my personal workaround for suppressing the triggered mails that i am receiving from this error.

KC-60 is not accessable for me, so i assume this ticket is not resolved?


@darootler kc-60 is a duplicate of the zcp ticket, both are now closed. As part of this ticket the error message you now see was implemented to solve a crash at startup.

Since this then potentially concerns search folders, rebuilding these (which is not the same of deleting the index of kopano-search) might help.

The man page of kopano-server states the following:

       --restart-searches, -R
           Rebuild all search folders. This may take some time and is only needed when your search folders have become out-of-sync with the actual data in the
           database. The sync will start synchronously at the start of the server, and you will have to wait for all searches to complete before connecting to the


I just rebuilded all search folders using the -R startparameter but the error still occurs.


@darootler ok, was worth a try. Just today a similar report came through our support. For this was created. I linked this thread in there as well.


Thank you!