Problem with php-mapi missing on CENTOS 7

Hello everybody,

I tried to install konano-core from the community-downloads on an Centos 7 System.
I also used REMI-PHP-Packages so I could try the standard out of the box php, the php-Version 5.6 and the php-version 7.2

On every php-version Kopano works fine, and I can for example create users the the cli Command (so the MAPI works fine)

If I install the webapp I allways get the error with the missing php-mapi-modul.

Which informations should I provide, that I can get some help?


Hi @Mike-Sbg ,

php-mapi needs to be compiled against the abi of the used php version. Therefore the official packages only work against the default php version of the supported distributions. For RHEL/CentOS we also provide packages which are built against the software collection of RHEL:

edit: the alternative to to compile php-mapi yourself

OK thanks I’ll try it, this weekend.