Hi forum,

I use OpenLDAP as user backend. I am currently experimenting with the kopano-contacts. I set up a contact info@<mydomain> and set sendAsPrivilege to steffen@<mydomain>.

It works that this contact appears in the gab and I could send mails with from address info@<mydomain>. That’s why I think I did the configuration right - at least almost. What does not work is the detail display of my kopano user: The field send-as is empty (kopano-cli -u steffen@<mydomain>).

When I want to see the details of the info contact and run “kopano-cli -u info@<mydomain>” i receive a mapi error:

Name:                         info@<mydomain>
Full name:                    Info@<mydomain>
Email address:                info@<mydomain>
Active:                       no
Administrator:                no
Address Book:                 visible
Features:                     imap; mobile; outlook; webapp
Current user store quota settings:
    Quota overrides:          no
    Warning level:            unlimited
    Soft level:               unlimited
    Hard level:               unlimited
MAPI error 8004010F (MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND)

Ok, info@<mydomain> is not a user. But this behavior isn’t satisfactory. Is there a better way for the sendAsPrivilege for kopano-contacts?

This is my ldap.cfg:

ldap_user_type_attribute_value = kopano-user
ldap_user_search_filter = (|(kopanoAccount=1)(objectClass=kopano-contact))
ldap_user_unique_attribute = mail
ldap_fullname_attribute = displayName
ldap_loginname_attribute = mail

I use the kopanoAccount attribute to differentiate other users as other systems are managed with this ldap tree, too.