Kopano-Search with high load

Hi there,

I migrated from Zarafa to Kopano last weekend.
Now, I have the problem that when I start the service kopano-search, than the entire server is very slow. I unterstand, that the index have to be rebuilt.
But how long it takes? The entire mail store is approximately 133 GB.


If I remembered in my case it took a few days for a store of like 40 GB

What I did was to make sure that in search.cfg you only have one process running for the duration of the initial indexation this way it doesn’t take all the load of the server.

High load during indexing is OK, but it should end after some time.

Check the log file (to configure log Level and log file location, see /etc/kopano/search.cfg). I had Trouble in the past

Hey there,

you’re right. I had to wait some days. Now everything is fine!

@rs_1981 @fbartels
hi i have the same problem. however after a wil i get this message

search - WARNING - Received a MAPI error or timeout (error=0x80040115, retry=5/5)

wat can i do about this?

@ckruijntjens said in Kopano-Search with high load:

i have the same problem

It is totally expected that you have a higher load while indexing. After all there is a service running that has to read out all your data and create index files for it.

@ckruijntjens said in Kopano-Search with high load:

search - WARNING - Received a MAPI error or timeout (error=0x80040115, retry=5/5)

please see https://documentation.kopano.io/kopanocore_administrator_manual/appendix_d.html for the error messge. this is a network error which means, search wanted to retrieve something from kopano-server, and the reply was incorrect. If you search for the error message you will find some other threads explaining this.