Problem updating to core on SLES 12 SP3

  • I try to update kopano from to on SLES 12 SP3 using YaST2.
    But it failed with unresolved dependencies:
    python3-dateutil is needed by python3-kopano-
    python-magic is needed by kopano-search-

    What am I missing? Where did I get python3-dateutil for SLES12-SP3?


  • Check if you already have

  • Currently only python2 is installed.
    I could install python3 via YaST2 Software Management. But python3-dateutil is missing. Couldn’t find any package that provides dateutil.


  • Is kopano for SLES realy needing Python3? Or is it a packaging bug and only python2-dateutil needed?

  • Maybe one of the developers could bring a little bit light on this? Did they have testet that release on SLES 12 SP3?


  • I run kopano on SLES 12 SP3.
    This modules are installed: python2-kopano-, python-dateutil-2.4.2-14.2.noarch and python-magic-5.19-9.1.x86_64 . No Python3 Kopano modules installed. We use the PHP5 packages.

  • Update to kopano was working.
    Was a while away from office. So it needed a while to run the update.

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