I have some problem from z-push help me pls

When use calendar in outlook on windows 10 then description is empty but it have a letters on ActiveSync, how i fix it ?
Thank you.

this from ActiveSync

0_1536914998096_Screen Shot 2561-09-14 at 15.16.48.png

this from outlook

Hi @benzkinzz ,

to better help its always good to have a bit more knowledge about the environment. Which version of z-push are you using? what os? which backend are you using?

@benzkinzz said in I have some problem from z-push help me pls:

this from ActiveSync

I don’t recognize the ui of the web application you are entering the appointment with. I have just tested this against Kopano and when I enter a description text, this text is synced to my Outlook client (connected via ActiveSync).

@fbartels Oh thank, now i using z-push version 2.4 or 2.4.4.

Hi @benzkinzz ,

you also created https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-1451. Is the issue solved or will you provide more information there?


@manfred Yes i do, I’m reply now, thank you.

Hi @benzkinzz ,

while a lot details still remain a mystery, according to the Jira ticket your issue is now resolved?

Do you want to reuse the Jira id to make a pr with your modifications to the caldav backend?

Now I successfully to fix this issue because my code it don’t have AirSyncBase:Type, I just add a manual code
“$message->asbody->type = 2;” after line “$message->asbody->data = StringStreamWrapper::Open($data);” in file caldav.php

Thank you very much.
Benz, Bangkok.