KopanoBackend->HasReadACLs(): error, could not open folder with entryid .....


i have several error messages like these:

06/09/2018 15:00:02 [ 6843] [DEBUG] KopanoBackend->Setup(): Checking for 'read' ACLs on '75568a43beb84501ab166dad24532bd23d270b000000' of store 'verwaltung': 'false'
06/09/2018 15:00:02 [ 6843] [DEBUG] ChangesMemoryWrapper->Config(AdditionalFolders) : process folder 'NSC'
06/09/2018 15:00:02 [ 6843] [WARN] KopanoBackend->HasReadACLs(): error, could not open folder with entryid 00000000e6af08b0ac2440f38d05f4e361ddce2b01000000030000001be1ef34dc294c6a8d41d4046d5eca4a00000000 on store Resource id #314

As in example there is no Folder ‘NSC’ in store ‘verwaltung’. This store only contains an Inbox Folder.

Any possibility to solve those warnings?


Hi Heiko,

is it Outlook that tries to sync this folder? Was the folder ‘NSC’ in store ‘verwaltung’ at some point?

Please post the output of

z-push-admin -a list -u user -d deviceid --shared

for this device and user.

Maybe forcing the hierarchy resync will solve this issue:

z-push-admin -a resync -t hierarchy -u user -d deviceid


Hi Manfred,

yes it’s Outlook. Those Folders which generates the warning does not exist on the Server.
Resync allready tested with no solution.


Synchronized by user: jh127
DeviceId:               2a279025ec35446f89a8df76e3b3ef93
Device type:            WindowsOutlook
UserAgent:              Outlook/16.0 (16.0.10325.20064; x86)
Additional Folders:     875
        Folder name:    Posteingang - datenschutz
        Store:          datenschutz
        Type:           Email
        Origin:         Shared
        Folder id:      75568a43beb84501ab166dad24532bd279e60c000000
        Parent id:      0
        Synched:        Active
        Folder name:    Mahnungen
        Store:          verwaltung
        Type:           Email
        Origin:         Shared
        Folder id:      75568a43beb84501ab166dad24532bd224220b000000
        Parent id:      75568a43beb84501ab166dad24532bd21a220b000000
        Synched:        Inactive (not yet synchronized or no permissions)
        Folder name:    Termine - Public
        Store:          SYSTEM
        Type:           Calendar
        Origin:         Shared
        Folder id:      75568a43beb84501ab166dad24532bd2989505000000
        Parent id:      75568a43beb84501ab166dad24532bd2c09800000000
        Synched:        Active
Kopano Outlook Extension:
        Version:        2.0.294
        Build:          08e50f9e42fa6247a63576902dd452e2f47c6cbe
        Build Date:     2018-04-18 16:30
        Capabilities:   receiveflags,sendflags,bcc,oof,ooftime,sharedfolders,webapp,freebusy,gab,notes,secondarycontacts,sendas,signatures,debugsupport,syncstate,deliveryreceipts
        Last access:    2018-09-06
Attention needed:       No errors known

There are much more with synced Status inactive. All off these email folders doesn’t exist on kopano server.


Hi Heiko,

did these exist on the server at some point? They must have been configured for sync with Outlook (either in config.php or opened as shared in Outlook or added via z-push-admin).

You could try to remove them with z-push-admin:

z-push-admin -a removeshared -u user -d deviceid -f folderid


Hi Manfred,

yes. These Folders are exported in an offline .pst file. Account “verwaltung” is shared to other users, but only this user got these warning messages. Your command solved this issue.