Kopano Gateway sync latency

  • Hi,

    I’m having some problems downloading messages from Kopano Gateway.
    It happens that some e-mails are shown in Thunderbird only few hours after they are delivered in Kopano.

    It happens expecially on subfolders, and I think this is because Thunderbird checks subfolders only when I open them into the program.

    Subfolder checking can be enabled in Thunderbird setting the parameter mail.server.default.check_all_folders_for_new to true, but it’s a pain if you have many clients.

    On this page you find that this can be enabled server side on Courier (IMAP_CHECK_ALL_FOLDERS=1 configuration setting).

    So what happens on Kopano Gateway?
    Is it possible to force the checking of subfolders?

    Or, if this cannot be my problem, could you help me to analyze and solve it, please?

  • Hej decibel83.

    Kopano isn’t Courier and the gateways may run different.
    First of all…it should work.

    • Please post your system-environment…versions a.s.o.
    • Did you tested WebApp or DeskApp for your clients? This is, maybe, the better way to manage many clients

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