Client cert authentication in Deskapp?

  • Does anyone know if there are plans for a client certificate integration in kopano deskapp? I would like to create a secure interface for external employees.
    Think many admins would like this.

  • Kopano

    Will this solve it for you?

    Introduced in DeskApp v1.6 already

  • @marty

    I also saw this ticket.
    It does not solve it for me.
    At which point should I be able to deposit the certificate?
    Again to my project:
    I would like to use a reverse proxy that requests a client certificate
    before the username/password prompt .
    And I can not deposit this in the deskapp
    (as I could for example in a browser at the webapp).

  • What Raute describes would be a very useful security feature. In Microsoft Exchange, brute force password guessing is a problem. In Kopano one can avoid this for the WebApp via client certificates. If one is consistent, this limits usage of the DeskApp to within the LAN. For WAN usage of the DeskApp, some sort of two factor authentication would be required. A client certificate might be the least disturbing variant.

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