Access and manage Kopano contacts from other clients (e.g. Thunderbird)

Hello everyone,

I’m currently looking for a way to access and manage Kopano contacts in other clients such as Thunderbird.

For example, Kopano has the kopano-ical service which processes a CalDAV or iCal client that enables users to view and use their Kopano calendars using clients like Thunderbird, Evolution, etc.

Is there an official service or plugin for contacts as well? If not, what alternatives do we have in this case?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hi for Thunderbird i use tbsync plugin (activesync for Calendar Tasks ans Contacts)



I try to sync Thunderbird-Contacts with our Kopano-Server with tbsync.
Could you give me an example for the correct syntax for an kopano-account? I’m in the same network as Kopano.

I tried it with “” as serveradress but tbsync synchronises since 17 minutes without end.



there is no caldav to configure as you may use EAS (Exchange Acrive Sync) protocol and there you only need your z-push server (DNS or IP) and your ldap or whatever auth backend you’re using credentials



Hi Arian,

For Thunderbird i am using the cardbook plugin (vCard adress book) in combination with sabre-zarafa (a CardDav backend) on the server. A little bit complicated to set up but works fine.


@eric said in Access and manage Kopano contacts from other clients (e.g. Thunderbird):

in combination with sabre-zarafa

Instead of sabre-zarafa you could also give kdav a try. It’s a new implementation of caldav and cardav: