Distribution Groups with Postfix

  • Hi, folks!

    I am using Kopano solely with db backend. So, I created a group via kopano-admin and gave it an e-mail address with the -e parameter. I would like to send emails to this mail address from outside. As I am using Postfix I think I need to have a virtual alias map as described here: https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Postfix. However, this example just works for normal user accounts but does not resolve distribution groups, or am I wrong? Does anyone know an appropriate sql query for resolving the members of a group? Or is there a different way to send mails to all members of a group?

    Any hints are highly appreciated. Thanks!

  • I tried to write a sql query that seems to give me the members of a group:

    select value
    from objectproperty p
    join objectrelation r on p.objectid=r.objectid
    where r.parentobjectid=
    	(select objectid
    	from objectproperty
    	where propname='emailaddress'
    	and value='%s')
    and r.relationtype='1'
    and p.propname='emailaddress';

    Is this the way to go? Maybe someone could check my query as I am not a sql expert :)

  • Wow, I did not even know there are examples for postfix to automatically resolve kopano users :-)

    I’ve alway been using a manually editied textfile (compiled with postmap) which lists

    name@domain.net name@domain.net
    alias1@domain.net name@domain.net
    (where name@domain.net is the “real” kopano email address)

    And If i need mails to go to more than one person, i create
    group@domain.net name1@domain.net,name2@domain.net,name3@domain.net

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