Kopano-search fails dependency in Debian Jessie for python3-xapian

Upgraded Debian 8 Kopano 8.490-0+5.1 to but can not install kopano-search as it can not get the dependency of python3-xapian. Note python-xapian is installed and latest version.
Also a search has not found a deb file to download.
This site https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=python3-xapian lists for Stretch, buster and sid but not jessie.
Is there a solution/workaround?

This post is deleted!

The sid packages worked in Jessie.
Note 8.6.81 had another set of python errors so pushed as system back to 8.8.80.

i got the same errors on trying upgrade to and

I also rolled back to

I was able to reproduce it and made a ticket for it on https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-1243.