Kopano OL Extension 2.0 final available

Dear forum,

we have just uploaded the final build for the KOE 2.0 release to the download server.

You can find an overview of changes in this release at https://documentation.kopano.io/kopano_changelog/koe.html#kopano-ol-extension-2-0-310-final

The build is largely the same as the previous RC release and only contains updated translation files for german and portuguese.

When I add one shared store as seperate account it works fine. But when I add a second one it fails.
The strange thing is that I see the same folders as the first account by the second one. But the second one does not have these folders.

Hi @leroyk2 ,

this sounds like the effect we already tried to describe in the known issues section of the changelog. The observed behaviour points points to a combination of server names that causes this.

While we continue investigating this you can also configure these additional accounts manually by following the steps in https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Impersonation


The changelog speaks about multiple z-push installations but I have only on z-push server.

Hi @leroyk2 ,

yes that was so far the one differentiating factor where we were able to observe this behaviour. I’ll update the description there.