search on public folders not possible

  • I migrated last week our last zarafa customer to kopano after long time waiting for his decision.

    Now we had the problem that he mostly work with the public folders, because the company use this as archive for all their projects, etc. (public folder is ca. 300 GB) But now we had the problem, that the search doesn’t work in the public folder. The users always become the message “Die Suchanfrage kann nicht ausgeführt werden, da Sie kein Recht zum Anlegen von Suchordnern haben.”.

    I found the following Jira Entry:, which is still on state “TODO” since last year. Is their something in the pipeline? Because he currently only works via webapp and not via outlook (because of the big public folder and the active sync problematic that all stuff need to be downloaded).

  • Kopano

    @Beleggrodion The problem you describe is not related to KW-870 - this ticket relates to doing a recursive search in a public folder or shared store (searching through ‘this folder and all subfolders’). Searching in the public store (or shared folders) in general should work. The error you describe (translated: “Unable to perform search query, no permissions to create search folder.”) is a permission issue on the store you are trying to search in.

    Does searching in your own folders work? Can you validate the permissions on the shared folders?

    This does not seem to be a common problem - if you have a subscription please contact support so they can assist you.

  • The search in the own folders of the user works. The permissions are copied from a zarafa to kopano migration and under zarafa everything worked as expected. Which permission is needed to perform the search? full write permission to the specific folder or other permissions? Because the customer had over 1000 folders in his public store, to check the permissions are not so easy. It coul’d be that some folders are only writeable for some and read only for the most of the users. It woul’d be bad, if then only the writable users can search in this folder but the other not.

    I wanted to check first here, if this perhaps a known bug or something else, before i open a support ticket for the customer. Because we are doing at the moment a complete company migration (win7+zarafa, etc to win10+kopano) their are so many issue’s that i first want to evaluate which are problems, that i can fix by myself or i need to open tickets. So i’m collecting a list of problems at customer site and perhaps i can tell him first informations, that he can decide to wait (and hope it is a bug that will be fixed in a future version), to open a ticket (he cannot wait) or do a workaround by himself.

  • Ok i found the problem. forgot to execute “”. Now the search works.

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