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    ich möchte eine Mailbox anlegen, mit der man ausschließlich senden, aber nicht empfangen kann. Es muss sich aber um ein einzelnes Konto handeln, da SMTP-Auth erforderlich ist (realisiert über SASL mit rimap und Kopano-Gateway).
    Gibt es eine Einstellung, das der Empfang von Mails in Kopano für eine bestimmte Mailbox / User geblockt wird, die Mailbox aber nicht vollständig deaktiviert wird? Oder sollte ich das besser in Postfix regeln?


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    Hi @morfey ,

    this is an english speaking only forum. can you translate your message into english?

  • Hi!
    I try to translate in english, I am German, too:
    Morfey wrote:

    I wnat to create a mailbox I can only send with, but not receive mails. But: It must be a single account because I need to have smtp-Auth. It is realised via SASL / rimap and kopano-gateway.

    Is there a setting to block recieving mails for one mailbox / one user but the mailbox is not deactivated fully? Or shall I use postfix for my need.
    Thanks a lot.

    kind regards,

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    @tueftler17 I suppose you could achieve this in several ways, but a mailbox that can not be emailed to is not something you can do in Kopano.

    So your approach with Postfix can work and is probably the best solution here, alternatively you could make a plugin for dagent or create a mail filter rule in the noreply mailbox that automatically deletes everything that comes in.

    But as @tjoen mentions, if you are going to send email from that address you will not receive bounces (or you have to get those from the postfix log) - or you need to do some detection magic in your chosen approach.

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