Mail-Address Extensions

  • Hi,

    as I can’t find any documentation to this I’m asking here.

    Does Kopano (Core?) support mail address extensions? Like

    I have the address user@domain.test and sending mails to user+extension@domain.test oder user.extension@domain.test should also work and forward mail to user@domain.test

    I think Postfix has an option called recipient_delimiter for this.

    If this is possible with Kopano, could you maybe let me know what exactly i need to configure? I’m using UCS4.2 with Kopano

    Thank you and Best Regards

  • Kopano

    Hi @michael ,

    you can use the following howto for this But be aware that you normally should not do manual updates to configuration files on Univention as they will get overwritten. You either have to make changes to the configuration templates or through the Univention configuration registry.

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