GUI for Admins

  • I am quite frankly amazed that given the quality of the User side there is no corresponding GUI for the backend / Admin area, to leave us to use LAM (for User Management) or more expensive options such as clear OS seems amazing.
    What is the reasoning in providing nothing but CLI access ?

  • @perplexed

    You can use Univention UCS - thats for free in core edition and has a very good Kopano integration


  • Kopano

    Hi @perplexed ,

    the reason is that user management is a topic usually carried out by admins and for admins there are plenty of ways to manage objects in an LDAP tree. From the already mentioned tools such as lam, to web based tools such as phpldapadmin. For Windows there are GUI programs as well (even besides the normal ad tools). And on the client you have ldapmodify and ldapvi.

  • That does not really handle plugins, statistics, simple viewable GUI in one place.
    I installed Zimbra instead which has a number of interesting plugins like OwnCloud and Magic Spam plus other reasons.

  • For this we use Univention Corporate Server. One of the best LDAP/GUI implementations we know.

    For Zimbra: Have used this also for some time… Problem was NO, in mean really NO support within the official forums…

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