migrate from zarafa

Dear All,

I am currently running Zarafa 7,1,2,39121.
I had installed it with yaffas zadmin and i do use the yaffas zadmin web inferface for all administration and creating groups and users with mobile sync

i had used the below link for installing zarafa


Now since both have been phased off i plan to migrate to kopano.

off couse I had the community version of zarafa for a quite sometime working with no issues

Is there something similar for kopano community version installation and setup.
and to migate my users and their mailboxes

really would appreciate your kind help and advice.

Thanks and regards


Hi @sbdcunha ,

the original creators of Yaffas have migrated their customers mostly to Univention. There are also options of running Kopano with Collax and ClearOs, but I don’t know if these solutions are offering free packages.

Thanks guys …
i will check it out and let you guys know