WebApp 3.4.19 pre-final released

WebApp 3.4.19 has been released as a pre-final today, resolving three issues that have been reported a few days after the release of 3.4.18 (pre-final).

As usual, the changelog can be found in the documentation and the packages are available in the repositories!

Note: 3.4.18 will not be released as a final.

Will this release include a fix for: https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-2443 ?

Hi @WalterHof,

No, KW-2443 will be picked up in an upcoming release.


bad news, issue KW-2443 is a show stopper for DeskApp.

Hi @WalterHof,

I understand this can be a frustrating issue - it is caused by Chrome reporting a wrong Content Type when pasting an image. Since DeskApp makes use of the Chrome engine, it is also affected.

It is not easy to work around the problem, making an assumption about the Content Type might also affect other content. If we would wait for it to be in the 3.4.19 release we would have to delay that further.

Edit: I should add by the way that this KW-2443 does not affect functionality, it is only the content type which is incorrectly registered. KW-2443 implements a permanent fix for the workaround that was implemented. If you do experience broken images etc. this is a different problem and should be looked into separate from the development ticket you reference.