false timestamp on reply flag

Hello Forum,

searched a while but didnt find any topics about this:

if i forward a mail from any folder, the replyflag is set and in Outlook it displays something like that:

this is a timestamp in 2h future.
The send item displays the right time - its just the flag and can lead to confusion.

The KOE log displays the right time
z-push-top displays the right time


 define('TIMEZONE', 'Europe/Berlin');

mailserver got the right time aswell

webapp also displays the right time:

is this an outlook internal error or can z-push cause this?


Hi coffee_is_life,

I was able to reproduce the issue and we’re looking into it.


Hello, any updates here or a ticket to follow the status?

thanks in advance,


Hi coffee_is_life,

there is a ticket https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KOE-175. The issue is fixed and should be in the next release.