Illegal string offset 'version'

I’m running Z-push 2.4.1 with backend IMAP.
My error log is full with the following error:

[WARN] [user] /var/www/z-push-2.4.1/lib/default/filestatemachine.php:344 Illegal string offset ‘version’ (2)

I guess it has something to do the with the content of the file state/settings which is from 2013:

But I don’t know how to fix it. The fixstates command doesn’t.

Thanks for advise.

If that file is from 2013, then it seems you did not follow the upgrade instructions for Z-Push 2.3 which asked for a resync, see for more details.

@fbartels 0_1531894993507_Clipboard01.jpg

I deleted the state dir as described and the error is gone now.
But now I see HTML email previews as raw text on my iPhone and iPad. Both running iOS 11.4.

Do you have an idea how to fix this? Thanks.

you wrote that you were at 2.4.1, can you upgrade to the latest version and see if the error persists? apart from that i’m not too familiar with the imap backend.