ZCP 7.1.11-46050 Migrate to Kopano

  • Hi …

    a friend is running an very old System with Zarafa 7.1.11 - is there any way to backup all mails user by user and Import them to a new System running Kopano ?

    We have Setup a new System (in the old one there are some parts defective and i dont want to shutdown the System :) ), and i tried a kopano-backup -s zcp:236/zarafa -U xxx-P xxx but Nothing happened :(

    Can anyone help me ?


  • Hi Michael,
    does he use Outlook? If yes you could export all Emails to a pst and use the kopano-migration-pst to import them.
    Did you read this:
    There you can find 3 ways to do the migration.
    I’d prefer to clone the System and than try a drop in migration.
    Maybe you have to do an upgrade to 7.2
    Best regards

  • Kopano

    The way through kopano-backup should work, though.

    To get a better overview of what kopano-backup is doing you can specify a log level by passing e.g. -l info.

    With its default logging it does not give any output. Maybe you misinterpreted this as “nothing happening”?

  • Hi Michael,

    How did you migrate in the end? I am facing same kind of challenge, having Zarafa 7.1.14 on a ubuntu 14:04, and trying to migrate our mail to the latest kopano core on a Ubuntu 18.04 machine.
    I am courious to find the best way to do that.

    Idealy i would like to have a script to upgrade the database to Zarafa 7.2.3… Should make the task much easier.

    would like to hear from you!


  • Kopano

    @gdoornenbal said in ZCP 7.1.11-46050 Migrate to Kopano:

    upgrade the database to Zarafa 7.2.3

    why not simply start the database once with an installed zarafa-server of that version? The server does not need much configuration, just the mysql settings (hence you could even do that in a docker container).

    When starting up and you are running the ldap plugin, you will also want to set user_safe_mode = yes.

  • What i did in the end is just look harder to find that version 7.2.3… (Couldn’t find it at first.) and decided to update my current version to 7.2.4. (After making a good backup of course :-)

    Using the following commands:
    ###Download stuff
    wget http://archives.z-hub.io/7.2/zcp-
    tar -zxcf zcp-
    cd zcp-
    ###Create apt package.list
    sudo su
    apt-ftparchive packages . | gzip -9c > Packages.gz && echo “deb file:$(pwd) ./” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/zarafa.list
    ###Install updates
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    After this i went from ZCP 7.1.14-51822 to ZCP 7.2.4-29. The migration task is now much easier.

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