drop-in migration zarafa 7.1 to current kopano version

  • We had a customer which uses currently zarafa 7.1.14 and after long time he agreed to change to the newest version of kopano. Which is the best way to migrate from this older zarafa version to the current kopano version? because he ad a large public folder (many attachments) a drop-in migration i think is the best way.

    Is a direct drop-in still possible? like copy the attachment folder and the mysql database to the new server, which is up2date and had the newest config, or is their a step between needed like migrate zf 7.1 to 7.2 and then to kopano? (because i don’t find any zarafa downloads anymore after shutdown of the portal.zarafa.com)

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  • Thanks for the Links, the migration worked so far good, but now (after some hours running) we detected some issue’s with attachments. Not all attachments on the public folders are affected, but some older and newer ones are only displayed as “Unbenannt” / “Unknown” in the Webmail. Download or View is not possible. Is their a way to see whats the problem is? if perhaps kopano don’t find the file in the attachment folder or is their an issue in the database?

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    @beleggrodion said in drop-in migration zarafa 7.1 to current kopano version:

    Is their a way to see whats the problem is?

    if there is something missing, then you should be able to spot this in the server logfile. maybe you need to raise the log level beforehand.

  • i enabled as much debug logging as i can and found the following in the webapp debug file, because i dont’t see anything in server.log, etc.

    [02-Aug-2018 20:08:53] ERROR - array (
      'msg' => 'Undefined offset: 267976962',
      'file' => '/usr/share/kopano-webapp/server/includes/core/class.operations.php:3457',
    [02-Aug-2018 20:08:53]  - '
    @ class.operations.php:3457 - kopano_error_handler(...)
    @ class.operations.php:1773 - Operations->getAttachmentsInfo(...)
    @ class.itemmodule.php:452 - Operations->getMessageProps(...)
    @ class.itemmodule.php:55 - ItemModule->open(...)
    @ class.jsonrequest.php:57 - ItemModule->execute()
    @ kopano.php:139 - JSONRequest->execute(...)

    When i look into the webapp sourcecode into the coresponding file, it looks also like attachment loading code.

    Edit: I do a test with Outlook and KOE and all attachments are available and viewable as expected.

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