Is it possible to remove the Calendar calendar or change it's name?

  • I am testing Kopano, and I can’t figure out if it’s possible to change the name of the default Calendar. I’ve tried it from the web app and also from the Calendar app on Mac OS X. In either case it doesn’t work.

    I also noticed that it doesn’t seem to support calendar colors like the Calendar app on Mac OS X. I see there are categories, but they don’t seem to come across. We usually organize the calendars separately by name and share certain ones. The name calendar is not descriptive and we ordinarily wouldn’t use the web app except when necessary which would be rare, so we’d like to be able to use the application features from the computer.


  • Kopano

    Hi @kevo ,

    unfortunately in a mapi store it is not supposed to be possible to rename the default folders by the user, hence you cannot do it in WebApp.

    We do bundle a script to localise folder names. This script could probably be misused to set arbitrary folder names.

    One remark though. The groupware features of kopano are more a complete package, if you reduce your contact to Kopano by only using it as a caldav source for osx clients, you will probably find solutions that are easier to manage and maintain.

    If you want to use Kopano regardless of that, them you may also want to look into our new caldav and carddav implementation based on sabredav. It still somehow pre beta, but we require additional feedback on the current functionality to decide where to focus attention for the future.

    Setup instructions are in the readme in

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