Kopano OL Extension 2.0 RC released

  • Kopano

    As announced earlier the 2.0 milestone of the Kopano OL Extension (KOE) marks the end of new feature development for KOE. This last feature release includes the ability to open shared stores in full (not only selected folders). To improve overall performance of Outlook and improve user experience we decided to include limits for the amount of shared folders and reduced sync timeframes for large mailboxes.

    Known issues:

    • Currently the webservice call fails for shared stores and therefore no sync status is displayed for shared stores (will be fixed in Z-Push with ZP-1444). Below are example error messages from the KOE log for this issue.

    Sync status call:

    2018/07/04 13:37:31.980 (10,): Error: SoapRequestEncoder: Error in SOAP response:
    2018/07/04 13:37:32.006 (10,): Error: SyncState: Exception in task SyncState: System.Xml.XmlException: Root element is missing.
       at Acacia.ZPush.Connect.Soap.SoapRequestEncoder.ParseResponse(String url, Stream result) in .../AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\ZPush\Connect\Soap\SoapRequestEncoder.cs:line 101
       at Acacia.ZPush.Connect.ZPushConnection.Execute(String url, RequestEncoder request) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\ZPush\Connect\ZPushConnection.cs:line 139
       at Acacia.ZPush.Connect.ZPushWebService.Execute[ResponseType](SoapRequest`1 request) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\ZPush\Connect\ZPushWebService.cs:line 60
       at Acacia.Features.SyncState.FeatureSyncState.CheckSyncState(ZPushAccount account) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\Features\SyncState\FeatureSyncState.cs:line 453
       at Acacia.ZPush.ZPushSync.SyncTaskImpl.<>c__DisplayClass8_0.<GetInstance>b__1() in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\ZPush\ZPushSync.cs:line 160
       at Acacia.Utils.AcaciaTask.Execute() in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\Utils\Tasks.cs:line 60

    for email signatures:

    2018/07/04 15:37:55.717 (16,): Error: Signatures: Error fetching signatures: testuser01@kopano.com: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
       at Acacia.Features.Signatures.FeatureSignatures.FetchSignatures(ZPushAccount account) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\Features\Signatures\FeatureSignatures.cs:line 201
       at Acacia.Features.Signatures.FeatureSignatures.SyncSignatures(ZPushAccount account, String serverSignatureHash) in .../\AcaciaZPushPlugin\AcaciaZPushPlugin\Features\Signatures\FeatureSignatures.cs:line 145

    The changelog and known issues can be found at https://documentation.kopano.io/kopano_changelog/koe.html#kopano-ol-extension-2-0-309-rc

    Looking forward to your feebdack!

  • Hi @fbartels,
    can you please explain the meaning of “… marks the end of new feature development for KOE”. I hope this does not mean that the KOE will not be developped any further ?

  • Kopano

    Hi @mtroitzsch ,

    bug fixes and maintenance of it will continue, but we won’t add any new features from now.

  • So this sounds like a strategic decision to not firther invest into Outlook support.
    Is this indeed the case ?!

  • Kopano

    We think the current state of KOE is more than sufficient for the desired use case. As development resources are not infinite we rather want to spend them on areas where we can innovate.

    The source code of course remains open (as can be seen at https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KOE/repos/kopano_ol_extension_source/browse) so if you want to work on a specific feature and send in a patch we are more than open to review and eventually merge.

  • Thanks for the clear statement. Not everybody in our team will liek to hear this - we’ve still a group very much bound to Outlook.

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