Kopano no longer auto-accepts invites to resources

After upgrading to Kopano core (8.6.80), meeting requests to resources are no longer being auto-accepted as they where before. The resource is of type room and kopano-admin --details <resource> shows that auto-accepting is still on:

Auto-accept meeting req:yes
Decline dbl meetingreq: yes
Decline recur meet.req: no

Meeting requests remain in the inbox of the resource. The way to make it work in the webapp is to add them as resource to a meeting. But that is not an option when booking on a smartphone (or from external).

Is this a (known) bug? Or a setting I missed somewhere?

@taurix said in Kopano no longer auto-accepts invites to resources:

Kopano core (8.6.80),

Which is the exact version of Kopano? On which os? What is logged in the dagent.log when such a mail is delivered?

I did attempt to reproduce the described issue with on Debian 8. Here I am able to book meeting rooms via meeting requests (both from a mobile z-push client and from webapp).