Mysql not accepting some mails

  • fetchmail, postfix, kopano are working 100 to 200 of our daily mails.
    But in the mailq remain daily 8 to 12 mails.
    The deferred mails are not specifically big or html, mixed or containing binaries.
    Nor is postfix complaining the content as beeing not standard conform.

    postfix says: 450 mailbox temporarily not available

    dagent says: Unable to deliver message to "zentrale": disk error (80040116)

    server.log says:

    [error  ] SQL [00454463] Failed: MySQL server has gone away, Query Size: 1028280, Query: "REPLACE INTO properties (hierarchyid,tag,type,properties.val_ulong,properties.val_string,properties.val_binary,properties.val_double,properties.val_longint,properties.val_hi,properties.val_lo) VALUES(415741,34062,30,null,'JAS STD',null,null,null,null,null),(415741,34065,30,null,'notjunk:1;V01:K0:2qWpGnVIiKI=:v4qQb0q7HSuM6C4pvbP7Lk+eKw H7f9iz/RTEk6Si2eAFYQYhhMaHQ
    Sun Jun 17 06:48:18 2018: [warning] SQL [00454477] info: Try to reconnect
    Sun Jun 17 06:48:18 2018: [warning] SQL [00454281] info: Try to reconnect
    Sun Jun 17 06:48:18 2018: [error  ] SQL [00454479] Failed: MySQL server has gone away, Query Size: 1324594, Query: "REPLACE INTO properties (hierarchyid,tag,type,properties.val_ulong,properties.val_string,properties.val_binary,

    At present there is no mention in the mariadb error.log.

    10.1.26-MariaDB-0+deb9u1 Debian 9.1
    kopano Version amd64

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, if anybody has a clue!


  • Kopano

    Hi @kkappel ,

    @kkappel said in Mysql not accepting some mails:

    kopano Version amd64

    you are using quite an old version. This was a known issues on Debian 9 a while ago that we meanwhile have fixed. Therefore I advise to upgrade.

  • Hi there,

    unfort. in Univention 4.3.1 there ist still kopano the newest version available.

    Is there any reference to where to find more information about this bug? Some workaround?


  • Kopano

    When running Univention and you have a Kopano subscription, then you can update your Kopano version through

    The related Jira issue was

    If you don’t have a Kopano subscription, then there is currenly an update for the Univention app in the pipeline. If everything goes well, then is should be online beginning of next week.

  • Thanks a lot for pointing that out!

    Upgrade to did the job!

    If anyone is interested in our repository:

    While updating dagent did not work out of the box. I had to remove:
    #server_bind =
    #lmtp_port = 2003
    which helped to start the daemon.

    Great Work,
    we love Kopano!

    Klaus Kappel

  • I did a downgrade from the unmaintained repo. Downgraded libmariadb2 to 2.0.0-1 , but SQL server is not on the same host. This seems a problem with the client library only.

    #ucr set repository/online/unmaintained=yes
    #aptitude install libmariadb2=2.0.0-1

  • Kopano

    @lacroix why that downgrade? the update is available since monday. did it not solve your issue?

  • @felix no I missed that. So this is good news. Thanks.

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