Mysql not accepting some mails

fetchmail, postfix, kopano are working 100 to 200 of our daily mails.
But in the mailq remain daily 8 to 12 mails.
The deferred mails are not specifically big or html, mixed or containing binaries.
Nor is postfix complaining the content as beeing not standard conform.

postfix says: 450 mailbox temporarily not available

dagent says: Unable to deliver message to "zentrale": disk error (80040116)

server.log says:

[error  ] SQL [00454463] Failed: MySQL server has gone away, Query Size: 1028280, Query: "REPLACE INTO properties (hierarchyid,tag,type,properties.val_ulong,properties.val_string,properties.val_binary,properties.val_double,properties.val_longint,properties.val_hi,properties.val_lo) VALUES(415741,34062,30,null,'JAS STD',null,null,null,null,null),(415741,34065,30,null,'notjunk:1;V01:K0:2qWpGnVIiKI=:v4qQb0q7HSuM6C4pvbP7Lk+eKw H7f9iz/RTEk6Si2eAFYQYhhMaHQ
Sun Jun 17 06:48:18 2018: [warning] SQL [00454477] info: Try to reconnect
Sun Jun 17 06:48:18 2018: [warning] SQL [00454281] info: Try to reconnect
Sun Jun 17 06:48:18 2018: [error  ] SQL [00454479] Failed: MySQL server has gone away, Query Size: 1324594, Query: "REPLACE INTO properties (hierarchyid,tag,type,properties.val_ulong,properties.val_string,properties.val_binary,

At present there is no mention in the mariadb error.log.

10.1.26-MariaDB-0+deb9u1 Debian 9.1
kopano Version amd64

Any suggestions?

Thanks, if anybody has a clue!


Hi @kkappel ,

@kkappel said in Mysql not accepting some mails:

kopano Version amd64

you are using quite an old version. This was a known issues on Debian 9 a while ago that we meanwhile have fixed. Therefore I advise to upgrade.

Hi there,

unfort. in Univention 4.3.1 there ist still kopano the newest version available.

Is there any reference to where to find more information about this bug? Some workaround?


When running Univention and you have a Kopano subscription, then you can update your Kopano version through

The related Jira issue was

If you don’t have a Kopano subscription, then there is currenly an update for the Univention app in the pipeline. If everything goes well, then is should be online beginning of next week.

Thanks a lot for pointing that out!

Upgrade to did the job!

If anyone is interested in our repository:

While updating dagent did not work out of the box. I had to remove:
#server_bind =
#lmtp_port = 2003
which helped to start the daemon.

Great Work,
we love Kopano!

Klaus Kappel

I did a downgrade from the unmaintained repo. Downgraded libmariadb2 to 2.0.0-1 , but SQL server is not on the same host. This seems a problem with the client library only.

#ucr set repository/online/unmaintained=yes
#aptitude install libmariadb2=2.0.0-1

@lacroix why that downgrade? the update is available since monday. did it not solve your issue?

@felix no I missed that. So this is good news. Thanks.