Store of ressource orphaned after config changes

  • Hello,

    I’m having a problem on multiple Collax CPS Mailservers (up-to-date) that are running Kopano Basic 8.5.8.

    I have created a ressource which works fine until the config gets rewritten. It doesn’t appear to matter what changes in the config. At least from what I’ve seen so far.
    After the changes get applied the store of the ressource is orphaned and the ressource has a new empty store. Permissions get lost as well which can be attributed to the orphaned store.

    The only errors I can find in the syslog while the config gets written:
    "<14>2018 Jun 20 13:18:18.179 cps kopano-server[8330]: createStore(): already exists
    <14>2018 Jun 20 13:18:18.179 cps kopano-server[8330]: Failed to create store (id=1), errorcode=0x80000008
    Why would there be an attempt to create a store if one already exists?

    This happens on a new ressource on a freshly installed server but also on our running internal Mailserver - only that it happens to a fairly new resosurce exclusively. The older ressources are not affected.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? I already tried different settings for the ressource and recreating it. The problem persists.

    Thanks in advance


  • Kopano

    Hi @edcud,

    I’d rather recommend to get in contact with the collar support over this. From your description is sounds like the unique user Id of that store changes when this “rewriting of config” happens.

    The store creation error I would explain in the way that the server recognises that it has created a store previously for the same user details. (so rather a symptom instead of the cause).

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