Not able to type in new mail window, when Whatsapp is 'open'


This could be related to Jira issue KW-1974.
However, my issue happens in the DeskApp.

If you open Whatspp, switch to that tab and afterwards open a new mail (+ - Button) it sometimes happens, that you’re unable to type anything in the new mail window. However, I’ve tried it now 3 times and only one time it happened. I didn’t see any obvious difference in my 3 tries.


Hi @falko

Yes it seems to be that ticket.
More info can be found in one of the comments:

It seems to be a race condition.

Thanks, but I cannot find the ‘fix’!?
Honestly, I was only able to reproduce this once (yet)…

@falko There is no fix. Ticket is still open. Closing and reopening the whatsapp tab will probably ‘solve’ it for now