"Send as" based on postfix virtual mail inbox

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    I have set up my kopano-server with Postfix so that email inboxes are sourced from /etc/postfix/virtual, which looks like this:

    shopping@domain.tld        user@domain.tld
    subscriptions@domain.tld   user@domain.tld
    store@domain.tld           user@domain.tld
    news@domain.tld            user@domain.tld

    Receiving emails on these virtual inboxes works well and they are delivered to my kopano account called “user”. What I am struggling with now is what I have to do in order to be able to send emails / reply to emails sent to these virtual inboxes from within my user’s account (in WebApp, DeskApp and from my iPhone).

    The only solution I can think of would include setting up accounts on kopano for all these virtual recipients and then configure the WebApp in settings / send as. Is that the right thing to do, i.e. will this achieve what I want to do here?

    Next step is to then set up fetchmail to retrieve mail from external servers. Does that have any implications on what I want to do here?

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    Hi @irreleph4nt ,

    the delegation/sendas relations are managed based on GAB entries in Kopano. For this you either need another (in)active user the the gab or (if you are using ldap) a contact to apply these setting on.

    If this is a single user system and you don’t care about explicit permissions to send as another email address you can also set the following in the spooler.cfc:

    # Set this value to 'yes' to let the spooler always send emails with
    # delegates (other user than yourself in the From: header)
    # In installations before 6.20, this value was always 'yes'.
    # IMPORTANT: This feature overrides "send-as" functionality.
    #always_send_delegates = no

    One thing though:

    @irreleph4nt said in "Send as" based on postfix virtual mail inbox:

    and from my iPhone

    The instance that ultimately says “I want to send with x as the sender” is the used client. For WebApp and DeskApp you can choose this without problems (the same counts for a KOE enhanced Outlook btw), but mobile devices usually don’t have the possibility to choose the sending address.

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