UCS 4.3-1 upgrade, should I do that?

I installed Kopano from the Univention Appcenter.
I would like to know if I can install the update from UCS without Kopano causing any problems.

Upgrading to 4.3 currently works, but has some quirks. If you want something that more or less works out of the box, you should wait for the 8.6 app update (which is currently in review by Univention).

I allready work on 4.3 … so is it problematic to go for 4.3-1 now?

@bitboy0 said in UCS 4.3-1 upgrade, should I do that?:

I allready work on 4.3

Ah, I thought you are talking about upgrading from 4.2. If you’re already on 4.3 then you can just install all available minor and errata updates.


Did already the Update from 4.3 to 4.3-1 no problem on that on my site


I upgraded UCS version 4.3-0 errata112 to version 4.3-1 errata112 also without any problems :-)

Kopano Core Version
Kopano WebApp Version
Z-Push Version 2.4.3