Z-Push 2.4.3 final released

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    we have just released Z-Push 2.4.3 final (tag 2.4.3 commit db9535be7940d0d0c83e1e08de77bd40997398f3).

    This is a maintenance release with some bugfixes and improvements.

    This is the first Z-Push release which supports PHP 7.2 (default PHP version in Ubuntu 18.04). If you are running Ubuntu 18.04 or plan to upgrading to this version, you should upgrade to Z-Push 2.4.3.

    Several smaller issues which were found by coverity (https://scan.coverity.com/projects/z-push). Z-Push has now 0.00 defect density!

    We added a new action “listshares” to z-push-admin. It will display all open shares on the system per store. Run
    z-push-admin -a listshares
    to display open shares for all stores. Run
    z-push-admin -a listshares -o USER
    to display who opened the shares of this user. Run
    z-push-admin -a listshares -f FOLDERID
    to display who opened this specific folder.

    Z-Push has a new contributor, Raoul, who fixed a bug in the IMAP backend. Thanks!

    Bart has already made various contributions and in this version he added another improvement to the IMAP backend.

    Also thanks to Matt and Markus for reporting an issue with logrotation on RHEL-based systems and a suggestion how to fix it.

    Install Z-Push 2.4.3 from the final repositories (recommended) Z-Push Wiki.

    Tickets in Z-Push 2.4.3 final

    [ZP-1402] - PHP 7.2 compatibility

    [ZP-1407] - $errcontext argument of error handlers has been deprecated

    [ZP-1330] - PHP 7.2, warnings in logs about implementing Countable
    [ZP-1405] - create_function() has been deprecated
    [ZP-1406] - each() has been deprecated
    [ZP-1418] - IMAP Backend: imap_fetch_overview might return an empty array
    [ZP-1419] - Structurally dead code (UNREACHABLE)
    [ZP-1420] - Typo in identifier (IDENTIFIER_TYPO)
    [ZP-1421] - Expression with no effect (NO_EFFECT)
    [ZP-1422] - Expression with no effect (NO_EFFECT)
    [ZP-1423] - Nesting level does not match indentation (NESTING_INDENT_MISMATCH)
    [ZP-1424] - Typo in identifier (IDENTIFIER_TYPO)
    [ZP-1425] - Expression with no effect (NO_EFFECT)
    [ZP-1426] - Logically dead code (DEADCODE)
    [ZP-1427] - Undefined index in mapiprovider
    [ZP-1429] - IMAP backend, send emailaddress to reply_meeting_calendar
    [ZP-1430] - Wrong IpcWincacheProvider path in InterProcessData
    [ZP-1431] - Z-Push logrotate cron su file permissions
    [ZP-1434] - X-Forwarded-For header might contain multiple IPs
    [ZP-1436] - Z-Push log files not writable after logrotate

    [ZP-1416] - List opened shares in z-push-admin

    Code changes since Z-Push 2.4.2: https://stash.z-hub.io/projects/ZP/repos/z-push/compare/diff?targetBranch=refs%2Ftags%2F2.4.2&sourceBranch=refs%2Ftags%2F2.4.3

    Please share your experiences (positive and negative) and give feedback!


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