Z-Push MariaDB aborted connection

Hy all!

I have some warnings in my database log:

[Warning] Aborted connection 155 to db: ‘db’ user: ‘*user’ host: ‘localhost’ (Got an error reading communication packets)

It occurs in every 3 min. I have the latest stable z-push, PHP 7.2.6-1, MariaDB 10.3.7 and apache webserver on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server with 32GB ram. The backend is IMAPBackend, and IPC-memcached is installed.

Has anyone warning like this?


Hi NKelemen18,

what makes you think Z-Push is causing this? Are you using SQL StateMachine? Are there any errors/hints in Z-Push log?


Hi Manfred,

I can’t find any relevant entry in z-push log files. The error log entry in my first comment is from journalctl mysql log, the db is my z-push instance’s database and the user is the MySQL user used by (only) z-push. A few minutes ago I installed the 18.04 final release, But the warnings didn’t disappear. And yes I’m using SQL StateMachine. Should I switch back to File StateMachine?
This warnings not affects my DB, but the warnings brother me.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi NKelemen18,

the only thing I can think of is because Z-Push uses persistent connections to the database and they are being dropped at some point. You could try setting PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT to false in the sqlstatemachine config and check if these messages still appear in the mysql log.


Dear Manfred,

This fixed my problem, thank you :)
Probably I will try to play with timeout values in MariaDB config,

Best regards,