compose mail with Kopano-DeskApp from cmd (shell)


I’m trying to compose an Email from the command line interface with the Kopano DeskApp and Win7. I’m able to compose the Email with Mozilla Thunderbird because I know the parameter to compose a new email.


Does the Kopano-DeskApp provides also an option to launch the application with a similar parameter?

We are running:
Kopano Core: 8.5.9
Kopano DeskApp 1.9.0

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Hi @msauer,

yes. There are two options.

By mailto uri with additional attach.
deskapp.exe --mailto=<uri>

Or by multiple commandline params like:
deskapp.exe --create --to="" --body=“the body” --attach=<path to attach1> --attach=<path to attach2>

See all params here:
All ARG+ params may be passed multiple times. ARG only once.

Hi @bjoernneumann,

Thanks for the quick response. Believe it or not, but I tried already “-create” instead of “–create”, because I saw this entry.

Anyway, Thank you very much for your help. Now I can continue my work on the code.