Kopano Installation failed on Ubuntu 18.04

Hi guys,

i have a problem with the installation of the kopano-server on my clean installed ubuntu 18.04.

The installer doesn’t create the *.cfg files in /etc/kopano. So the problem is i can’t start the server. There is also no log file under /var/log/kopano.

This is the important output from dpkg -i *.deb

chmod: cannot access '/etc/kopano/server.cfg': No such file or directory
chown: cannot access '/etc/kopano/server.cfg': No such file or directory

Thanks. Now the service state is running.

But there comes the next problem. I want to create a new admin user but i get the output “too many options given.”

This is my command (xxx replaced by real values)

kopano-admin -c xxxxx -p xxxxxx -e admin@xxxx.de -f „xxxxxx“ -a1```

Update: solved.

replace the “xxx” with 'xxx"