Mattermost WebHook

  • Hello,

    is there anyone here who is familiar with the Mattermost WebHooks?

    I have created a WebHook and use it for info messages from a CRM.
    For this we created and executed a python file at an event.
    Unfortunately, my user is always the sender.
    Is it possible to vary the sender?

    Does anyone possibly know a description that goes further than the,
    which is on the help page?


    Alexander Altenhoff

    import json
    import requests
    url = 'https://webadresse:8234/hooks/hook_string' 
    payload = {"channel": "@empfänger", "username": "Info vom CRM", "text": "Info an:  Hier steht die Information!!!" } 
    headers = {"content-type" : "application/json"}
    r =, data=json.dumps(payload), headers=headers) 
    print (r.text) ```

  • Kopano

    As per your signature you are still on Mattermost 4.4.2. Why are you so far behind? Also Core, WebApp and Z-push have seen quite some releases meanwhile…

    as for your question. it seems you are looking for

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